Please fill this out and send to ReizlYEGCustoms@aol.com if interested in making an order!


The purpose of this form is to let me know what you’re interested in for your customization and to avoid any confusion about pricing. You may copy and paste this into the email you send me, or edit this as a Word file and attach it in a reply.

-Will you be providing the product?

___ Yes                                  ___ No (Required to be ordered in)*

*Total price will be added to the customization cost. Please allow 2-3 for any shipped in products.

-What customization are you interested in?**

___ Standard Fabric Customization 1-Side ($30)   ___ Both sides ($35)

___ Custom Image (Any picture found online, choose either smooth material of fabric) ($40)

___ Custom Image (both sides) ($50)

___ Snakeskin / Luxury material ($70)

___ Send in your own fabric ($15)

___ Other (Please indicate)

**Please check with my Instagram/tumblr for my current available fabrics. Special orders can be done, but a $10 deposit is required (it will be taken off the total price), and please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of the fabrics.

-Do you live in Canada?

___ Yes***

___ No (USA)

___ No (Other)

***If you live in the Edmonton area, shipping is free!

-What is the best way to contact you?




-Do I have your consent?

___ Yes, I will allow you to reconstruct this product, and sign the inside of the cap (Don’t worry, no one will see it.)

___ No, please don’t customize my hat.


Once completed, please include this in an email to reizlyegcustoms@aol.com. We can discuss further after you provide this information Thanks!                                                                 - Reizl YEG Customs

Order forms

Will be making a generic order form to make things a bit easier on me and you. Stay tuned :) please contact my new email at reizlyegcustoms@aol.com


I finally made an Instagram account for my hats. Follow ‘ReizlYEGcustoms’ on IG plzzzzzzzzz will be posting my work mostly there from now on


K lets get pricing straight. Here is what I offer for my hat customization:


Standard customization (Regular fabric I own or purchase) ~ $30

Service Customization (You provide the fabric) ~ $15 Custom image brim (any picture you find or have on a CPU) ~ $40

*This applies for one side of the brim (Top side or under side). If you wish to have another pattern on another side it will be $5 for standard fabrics and $10 for custom image. If you supply your own fabric, it’s free.

Special orders

Order-in fabric ~ $35 Any fabric I have to order in online will take about 2 weeks to come in. A $10 deposit will be required (will be taken off the total).

Snakeskin/Luxury material ~ $60 If you wish to have a snakeskin/luxury material hat, I will have to order in the material (takes 2 weeks to come in). A deposit of $10 must be made (will be taken off the total). Double siding is not available for luxury materials (ask if interested tho).


2-4 hats at a time ($5 off)

5-10 hats at a time ($10 off)

11+ hats at a time (please contact)


If you live in the Edmonton, AB area, delivery is free. anywhere else that requires shipping, let me know where I will be shipping to. The cost of shipping will be added to your total. I think this is pretty much it, I hope I covered all of it. If interested, or have any questions, hit me up reizlyegcustoms@aol.com

What color of snakeskin should i go with?!

I just finished up with the black snakeskin. The smallest size made me 3 solid hats. I may go bigger depending on who’s buying ;) 

Now the question is: what color?! Natural? White? Red?

What color would go well with most hats?

yo, what brand and model is your sewing machine? would you ever consider doing a tutorial?

I’ma put this out there. I will not be making a tutorial. But if you have burning questions, feel free to contact me at ilagan@ualberta.ca and i can TRY to help you out. It is not an easy process. Definitely takes so much time and practice. I use a Kenmore sewing machine my dad bought on sale at Sears lol.

hey, i love your work.. who taught you how to do the hats?

i watched what people were doing on YT. There was a tutorial by an asian kid about how to hand sew them. I used that and what I know about sewing machines and put it all together. Took a lot of time and practice. I’m still learning new techniques haha

The last of my snakeskin for a buyer!

The last of my snakeskin for a buyer!


Sorry to all who have been trying to contact me through Tumblr. Please I’d rather you just shoot me an email at ilagan@ualberta.ca

Derrick “Rose” 2011 MVP hat!

Derrick “Rose” 2011 MVP hat!